What is my map location?

Google maps can find a place with a great variety of methods but it’s vital to use a description that will work for your location. These options all work (usually) but GPS Coordinates is the best and it’s not difficult with Google maps.

GPS Coordinates – preferred
This is the most precise and unique method. Open Google Maps (not the Folk Music Map) and zoom in on your venue. Click on the exact spot and a box will appear at top left of the map with some information about the location and the GPS coordinates which will look something like:
XXX50.956614, 4.655648
as in this screen shot:
GPS Coords
Sometimes you have to click on the spot a second time to get those coordinates to appear. Also if you click too near the place marker for a location that Google maps knows (a business or public building) it may get confused, so you might need to click a short distance away or zoom in further.
Cut and paste the coordinates into the form

In the UK & Canada, postal codes go right down to street or block level.
Just enter the postcode and country, eg my house is S7 1SF, UK.
If your country has similar accurate postcodes and your code works on Google maps the you could do the same.

USA State + Zip Code will locate the general district or town
But remember they are not unique without the State.
19473 points to several locations across the USA but PA 19473 is unique. BUT there’s always a danger that another venue nearby will have the same zip code and then the markers will clash on the map so GPS coordinates help to avoid that.

Town, Country
If you are happy to give a general location here then this works well, for example Leuven, Belgium places the marker right over the centre of Leuven.
Test it first in Google Maps (not the Folk Music Map). If a map search for your Town, Country description takes you to the right place (and only one place), it’s good to use. In some countries like the USA you may need to use Town, State, Country. Of course if there is already an event on the map at this location you’ll have to use a different method like GPS coordinates. Probably not practical for larger towns and cities.

Postal Address can work but we’ve had inexplicable problems with some postal addresses, Google Maps randomly puts the location in completely the wrong place, so it’s best to avoid them and use one of the methods above.



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