Who? Why?

Who are you?

The map is set up and maintained by me, Chris Rust, one half of Break a Leg! Before I retired from paid employment I was a designer and academic and a lot of my work was concerned with communication and digital media although I’m not an expert on internet technology.

Why are you doing this?

I am fascinated by communication and design and particularly the new ways that the World Wide Web has created for people to share knowledge and learn about the world. I’m also a mapaholic.

I started this map as a personal project, a way of listing folk clubs that we might visit and play at, but soon I realised that there were tools that could be used to make it a public map and it was an interesting challenge to see if that could work.

So it’s exciting that so many people have pitched in and helped to make it a success so far and I hope it will go on. To do that I’ll probably have to consider how to automate it more so that I don’t have to do a lot of work to keep it running.

I don’t make any money from this, it costs me some time and effort which I am pleased to give for the fun and community-building that it creates.

Some people see projects like this as a way to make an income, usually through advertising, but that is not my priority. I’ve decided that it is important for this to be a non-commercial project so people will trust it and not think there is a hidden agenda. In future I may ask people visiting the site to donate to a charity if they appreciate the effort that has gone into it.


2 thoughts on “Who? Why?

    1. chrisrust Post author

      Hi Julia, unfortunately I’ve not been able to update it for two years due to pressure of other things, mainly the Sheffield Street Tree campaign which has sucked in a lot of people’s time. I am keeping any messages about updates and would like to get back to it if I can, maybe this year.

      A large number of the entries are still valid but it’s always best to check on the web that a club is still there and has not changed dates or venues.



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