Can I add my event? We don’t call it a Folk Club.

Can I add my Cafe/Jam Session/Acoustic Club/etc to the map? We don’t call it a Folk Club.

Like most Folk Clubs, the Folk Music Map is very inclusive. If you run an event or venue where folk music is performed, especially if the emphasis is on participation and local music makers, then it’s very welcome.

The idea is to ensure that somebody looking to enjoy and perhaps take part in live folk music should have the widest choice or places to go, and enough information to decide whether a particular ‘club’ will suit them. So when you add your ‘club’ details, take a bit of trouble to provide an accurate description in the ‘Anything Else’ section. Clear straightforward information is better than gushing prose! (If the gushing prose is too embarrassing or long-winded I usually delete it)


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