How can my event have a web page?

I would like to put our club/event on the web, but I don’t know how.

Luckily, these days, there are lots of very easy ways to create a web page and keep it up to date. For example a huge proportion of people of all ages use Facebook and if you are one of them it’s quite easy to create a Facebook page for the club and add weekly or monthly updates to let your supporters know what’s going on.

Make sure you use the “About” section of your club Facebook page to provide full details of location, days, times, contact info and anything else a visitor might need to know.

Even if you have a conventional website a Facebook page is a good idea as it’s easy for people to sign up for news (by ‘Liking’ the page) and easy for you to keep them informed with quick messages like ‘Don’t forget it’s a singer’s night this Thursday and the theme will be sudden death and murder!’

If you want something a bit more sophisticated and organised, the blogging site will give you a very flexible and easy to edit website/blog that is ideal for clubs or musicians. And it’s free.  (This Folk Music Map site is on WordPress)

Clubs that make the effort usually attract a wider range of supporters, The Folk Club Map grew from nothing to 300+ venues in 3 days just because people shared the information on Facebook.


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