Can I add my event? We don’t call it a Folk Music Festival

Can I add my Workshop/Folk Day/Jamboree/Eisteddfod/Bluesfest/etc to the map?
We don’t call it a Folk Music Festival.

The general principle for adding an event to the Festival layer is that it should last for a day or longer and that it should have a clear music policy that will be understood by and of interest to the Folk Music community. So a specialist festival that focused on (eg) Cajun music or Blues would be a good addition to the map whereas a general music festival that happened to include some folk music would not. However I have included some very small community-based festivals that have a broad music policy as they offer a more personal experience that many folk music people will value.

Also events that focus on sharing and study are very welcome.

So the ‘musical policy’ section of the entry is very important. “Bluegrass and Old-time American music” or “Open to a wide range of folk music styles” are perfect because they are clear and precise. On the other hand, “International star acts and sessions for everybody to join in” actually says nothing about musical policy even though it’s useful information and could be included in the ‘Remarks’ section.


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