The Map

Click on that little menu symbol at top left on the map to turn on/off the different layers: clubs, festivals and maybe other things in future.
If you spot anything incorrect or confusing please let us know.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve not been able to update the map for quite a long time due to other pressures so check the web links for any entries to be sure they are still running and have not moved. I hope I’ll get back to this maybe later this year (2019)

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7 thoughts on “The Map

  1. freddyheadey

    Tip.. but maybe only on certain set-ups (I’m using chrome and there is a section called ‘Drive’) …

    Clicking the full screen logo in the top right corner of the map(the four rightangles) adds the feature of a search box which then lists ten items matching the search plus other things on the google map.( )
    So, for example, ‘cheshire’ gives ten clubs or clicking on ‘cheshire’ in the lower section zooms to the map centred round Northwich.


    1. chrisrust Post author

      Thanks Freddy, Yes the normal map view on the website is fine for having a look around for events, but the full window view gives access to all the Google Maps tools, especially useful if you are familiar with Google Maps.


  2. Mandy Freewoman

    Hi, just wondering if there’s any way of keeping a regular event on the map, rather than having to relist it? Our Grange-over-Sands folk club is no longer on there so I’ve just had to resubmit…


    1. chrisrust Post author

      Thanks Mandy, I have just checked and your original entry is still there. I don’t remove entries without a specific reason – eg evidence that the event no longer exists, or that it is not relevant to the map, or no response if I request an update.

      You might want to look again, checking that you have the club layer turned on (there’s a club layer and a festival layer). If you are viewing the map on the map website, in the map window, there should be a little box to the left of the title “Folk Music Map”.Like a box with an arrow pointing in from the left to indicate that a menu will appear. Click on that and you’ll see the list of layers and you choose which one/s you want to view.

      So I’ll ignore your update unless you let me know that it contains new information.


  3. freddyheadey

    The full screen searchable browser version centered on…
    USA ………………..
    Australia / NZ….

    ? More in map form, do you know of any?
    Here are three based around
    Stockport/Manchester(not Google)……..



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