My event is hidden behind another one on the map

On the map, our event is hidden behind that other event that runs in the same place.

That’s a bit of a problem as Google Maps is very good at accurately placing these stars and tents right on the same location. This is particularly a problem if you use the very accurate Canadian or UK postcodes. One answer is to combine both clubs in one entry, eg: Black Lion Folk Session (Friday) & Fred’s Singaround (Sunday)

And I am happy to change your entry manually to make that work but if you can get together with the organiser of the other event and put in a combined entry that’s great. Either way send me a message about it and I’ll make sure it’s working OK, I can make some changes manually if necessary to ensure it’s understandable.

If you prefer to have completely separate entries then it’s possible to use GPS coordinates to place the markers for the two events a little way apart, on either side of the actual location. You can find out how to obtain suitable coordinates from Google maps here.


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