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This is What the Map is For!

By a brilliant coincidence, Mike Richards, a musician from Sheffield in England, received The Map’s Facebook post about the Great Southern Old Time Fiddlers Convention, while on his way to Chattanooga, just in time for Mike and his wife Jill to go along and enjoy the event. They had a ball and Mike was blown away by the enthusiasm and quality of the musicians as you can see in his comments.


The Map cannot guarantee that level of personal service for every event but if you wanted a reason to check The Map before you go anywhere, Mike’s experience should be in your mind. And if you want more people to enjoy an event that you know about, make sure it’s on The Map.

Local folk music events like the Old Time Fiddlers Convention make travelling a real experience, no tour guide can give you that kind of opportunity to make friends and enjoy real culture at first hand.

Mike is a member of the Dogwood Rose group who specialise in American music so this was a priceless experience for him. Well actually it cost $10 but you know what I mean.