Change Log

4 April 2015

  • Statistics page added to map site, to complement the map this gives the numbers of different things on the map’s Folk Music Landscape.
  • Regular Event form updated to control input of country names (to ensure statistics are accurate).

18 March 2015

  • Festival month options: now 12 months (rather than previous 7 months + Northern Hemisphere Winter), to include Southern Hemisphere summer events.

14 March 2015

  • Festival data form updated to include type of event and encourage more generic information rather than information about the current year.

13 March 2015

  • Festival and Club layer names updated to include more types of event
  • Guidance provided on using a variety of Map Location data, including GPS coordinates, this should allow several events to be grouped close together without clashing as well as allowing more accurate location in countries without precise local postcodes.
  • Club entry form changed to run over several pages, it was getting too long for a single window on the web page.

3 March 2015

  • Club Entry form updated so ‘Type of Event’ is a list descriptions that can be mixed to make a tailored entry, wording is more general to suit international users rather than just UK users
  • The ‘Variable’ day star on the Folk Club Layer no longer has a question mark as this could be misinterpreted.
  • Music Policy Field Introduced and ‘Policy’ changed to ‘Type of Event’

28 Feb 2015

  • FAQ re-organised into separate pages with a menu of FAQ questions in the sidebar

27 Feb 2015

  • Data forms changed to allow more methods of entering location including GPS coords
  • Country field added
  • So now it can be an international map

21 Feb 2015

  • New Website at
  • Moved all content from the previous web pages on the Break a Leg! website
  • Those previous pages now have links to the new versions
  • Large version of map now on front page of website so that could become the main map
  • Registered

20 Feb 2015

  • Added Folk Festival Layer

18 Feb 2015

  • Changed all non standard days of the week to “Varied”. Google Maps only allows 8 different icons in one layer so it was necessary to have a single term, and “Varied” seems to include both regular and irregular variations.
  • Adopted policy of accepting entries without a web address but only for 4 months, if they haven’t updated with one by then they will be deleted. This seems to strike a balance between inclusion and expecting people to put a bit of effort in to have an up to date web page of some kind if they want to take advantage of web resources like the map.

17 Feb 2015

  • Changed name to Folk Music Map, so we can have layers for Folk Festivals and other things.

16 Feb 2015

  • New stars showing the day of the week so you can see at a glance what’s on tonight.
  • Some extra categories for the club policy, including ‘workshop’ and a bit of refining for the wording on others. Thanks to the various people who have explained their policies to help with this.
  • Working on the ‘same venue’ problem to try and get more than one star visible for a single location. Might be able to do it by having a different ‘offset’ for each day of the week.
  • A few extra questions on the data form to clarify the status of an entry, let us know whether it is a new entry or an update and also give us a way of getting in touch with you (not made public)
  • Graphic badge made available for folk club websites.

13 Feb 2015

  • Updates to  club entries now shown in UK date format
  • Online form now on the website itself to avoid confusion (people were using the comment form to send in data)
  • New version of online form with postcode separate from address (Google Maps seems to be more accurate placing clubs by postcode)
  • Some clubs that share venues updated manually as a single star on the map

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