67 Festivals and 430 Clubs

The map seems to be settling down now with an impressive number of events and only a few new ones coming in each day. It certainly presents a picture of a rich array of folk music across the country and, if anybody is feeling part of a beleaguered minority where they live, the national picture should give you some confidence.

Swaledale Festival

Image stolen from the Swaledale Festival Website. In this photo they were celebrating winning the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award

67 Festivals (not the full total of course) is particularly impressive. Any time of year you can take off and enjoy new musical experiences in new surroundings. I’m especially pleased with the number of small festivals on the map, a real chance to make new friends and feel part of a national/local community.

What’s next? It won’t be another layer on the map just yet as I think I have to learn more about the technology before I add more layers while keeping it easy to use. But meanwhile I do have a new plan to extend the map and it might be of particular interest to musicians and their supporters. Watch this space.


It’s a New Website

The map started life on the Break a Leg! website but it’s growing fast and needs a proper home. The content from the original pages on Break a Leg! is moving here and the old pages will have links so you can still find everything.

The Blog on this site will keep you up to date on developments on the Folk Music Map, any posts here will also appear on the Map’s Facebook page.

One of the main aims of moving is to give the map a web address that will be easier to find on searches and to have a memorable main address which is folkmusicmap.com