Now we have heroes

Jamie Katz and Twickfolk are the first Heroes of the map.

I’ll be looking out for opportunities to make more of these prestigious awards, so do feel free to nominate a potential hero on the feedback form. You’ll have to provide a description of what the person has done to justify the award, the two examples  we have should give you an idea what the Map Hero Judging panel* is looking for.


Joan of Arc (1882) by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, his last painting discovered on his easel after his death. Joan here looks very like Lizzie Siddal, Rosetti’s wife and model who died from a drug overdose after a stillbirth in 1862, 2 years before the first version of this painting. After her death Rosetti became depressed and his death was connected to drug abuse. So this is a painting of a great romantic hero, by a great romantic artist obsessed with a great artistic muse. The painting can be seen in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England.

*It’s just Chris


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